This site provides access to an open non-credit course on using communication technologies based on an undergraduate course taught in the Communication department at University of the Pacific. The materials have been moved to Blackboard's MOOC site called This course in using communication technnologies course gives hands-on application experience in three modules. In Module 1, students are shown how to professionally present themselves on the web through connecting Linkedin, a Wordpress blog and an iTunes podcast. In Module 2, students explore the use of still image slide shows on Flickr and an instructional video uploaded to YouTube as a means of providing instruction in some skill. In module three students design a web site, a Facebook "like" page and a Twitter account for a small business or non-profit. With the exception of Adobe's Dreamweaver, students use free open source programs on the Internet. The online course uses instructional videos and vook (video book) booklets to cover the course material.This non-credit course is taught by Professor Kenneth D.Day (Ph.D.) at the University of the Pacific.

If you are interested in taking this no-credit online course or are an instructor interested in gaining permission to use some of the videos in your own course, please contact me by email.